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Feature of Yugamiru

Two analytical reports are output.

Highly effective and convincing advice is provided in the two page report printed after the measurement for improving the impediment caused by the body distortion.

Posture evaluation report
The poor condition of the posture is confirmed with photos and in numeric values for easy recognition of the problem.
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Muscle evaluation report
From the condition of the posture, muscle tension and loosening is estimated and displayed in various colors.
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It takes just 3 min. to output a report

1min.step1Stand on the measuring mat
While standing on the specified mat, the test subject follows instructions displayed on the monitor. Photo are then taken in a side and bent positions to be analyzed.
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Size of the mat is only 70cm x 70cm, operable anywhere.
Basic system structure
2min.step2Click the joint position
Following the instruction on display of "Yugamiru", just click few points of the joint positions to evaluation the state of each distortion in the body.
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Designed for easy operation even if you are a novice at handling a computer
3min.step3Two page report output
From the result of the analysis, the condition of the muscle from the posture distortion is estimated and printed on a two page report on site.
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The distortion of the body is automatically analyzed and reported for provision of accurate advice.

Posture analysis report

The state of the posture is confirmed with a photo along with numeric value of the evaluation for ease of understanding by anyone.

yugamiru customizing


1. Yugamiru index will grade the distortion in numeric figure


With the best condition reported as "100", the result is graded along with a brief description

2. The result is
evaluated in a chart


The body distortion is displayed in a chart to evaluate the balance of the whole body

3. Comments made to order for each individual customer


Comments may be inserted to each customer to suit the condition

4. The distortion is indicated with arrow marking on the photo


Condition of the distortion is evaluated in a chart to confirm the balance of the whole body

5. Posture type is evaluated from resulting measurements


From resulting measurements, the posture is categorized as to the corresponding type; the evaluation result may be further added and modified.