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Kaitai Ensyo
Kaitai Ensyo

⇐ 360 degress can be seen freely.

Introductory Video

Visual access to the whole skeleton freely from any angle

Computer graphics realistically recreate the shape of muscle, running on the surface, origin and arrest sites and the whole human body structure accurately in visual image beyond the capability of a functional anatomy journal.

List of the contents (in japanese)

Alteration of the muscle transparency is displayed separately on each part!

Kaitai Ensyo
Kaitai Ensyo

The movement is observed from any arbitrary angle. ⇒

Movement of skeletal muscle is viewable from any desired angle.

The join movement not fully describable in a textbook is viewed and confirmed freely in any specific angle of choice along with the separate display of the prime and assistive movers, making it ideal for an educational aid.

In "lower extremity", live-action footage is attached to be able to compare with the musculoskeletal model image for learning purposes.

Kaitai Ensyo
Kaitai Ensyo

⇐ Available special contents

In each of "upper & lower extremity", there are special contents available.

In "upper extremity", the flow of the spine's dominant nerve relative to locomotion is organized in visual order (left figure), being an ideal learning tool for anatomy class and preparation for national exams etc. In the "lower extremity", body surface observation footage is attached.

"Lower extremity" provides images of body surface observation!
Great content for comparison with a muscle model.

Kaitai Ensyo

For purchasing

Kaitai Ensyo - Structure and movement of the upper extremity & lower extremity

"Lower extremity" provides images of body surface observation! Great content for comparison with a muscle model.


Standard ver.

The installation CD-ROM required upon booting up the application

¥12,600 (incl. tax)

To purchase(Japanese)

Professional license ver.

External output of images and video available (except on commercial use)

¥42,000 (incl. tax)

To purchase(Japanese)

Before purchasing:
Please read the following carefully to verify the operation environment

· Please check if your computer is compatible with "Kaitai Ensyo"

· You may check the feature comparison of each license

List of feature comparison (japanese)

· Please ask for the free trial kit to test system comparability.

Free trial (japanese)

Operation environment requirement

Supporting O.S. Windows XP (SP2or later) /Vista / 7
CPU Intel Pentium 4, AMD processor (clock frequency 2.0GHz or higher recommended)
RAM 512MB or higher recommended
HDD 600MB or more available space
Display XGA (1024 x 768) or higher /24bit or more recommended
Graphic card DirectX9.0c or OpenGL1.2or higher
Others Internet access required / Adobe FlashPlayer9 or later

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Endorser of Kaitai Ensyo

Endorsement of "Kaitai Ensyo" from Prof. Kuniharu Okuda (Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Osaka Prefecture University)

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Recommendation sentence

Roar of cheering suddenly filled the classroom when the students began to watch the image

I have been teaching kinematics to students majoring in science and occupational therapy at OPU for a long time; the most difficult thing has been to let students correctly image the mechanism of musculoskeletal system of joint in motion. In the past I had been using various available graphics, text and samples. One day, I used this software in my class; as soon as the image started, the classroom was filled with roar of students cheering.

Recommendation sentence

The complex mechanism of musculoskeletal system is easily comprehended

Tangible muscular activity can be monitored three dimensionally from various angles quite easily. In addition, by eliminating each shallow layer of the muscle with a click of mouse, further deeper layer is displayed, and it has made the understanding of complex musculoskeletal systems rather very simple. Yoke muscle group is also grasped at once. Kaitai Ensyo certainly is superb educational software; however, it is not only meant for students in the medical field but also an ideal material for Physical Ed. and Bio-mechanical and engineering researchers. It allows easy comprehension for any student who would normally not have an opportunity to experience anatomical practice

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Words of recommendation

User's Voice

Editorial superviser

Only computer graphics could do this!

The human body move in three dimensions. In "Kaitai Ensyo", the body may be observed from any direction and moved at will. It is simply an unprecedented anatomical learning material.

Akihiko Sakuragi, M.D.
Born 1954 in Tokyo, Graduate of the Faculty of Science Tokyo University, Medical Doctor.