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Pocket IMU2

Simplified posture measurement sensor~


Gyro sensor

Pocket IMU2 Pocket IMU2
1. High precision and mobility
  • Low noise high precision measuring with new LiNb03 made by Tamagawa Seiki
  • Pocket-size (W42 x D48 x 31mm) weighing only 50g
  • Wireless and Li-Io battery operated
  • Not limited by the position or location

2. Real-time 3D animation software
  • Low noise high precision measuring with new LiNb03 made by Tamagawa Seiki
  • 3D skeleton CG, graph and value are saved with simple and easy operation
  • The graph can measure "three axis of angle, angular velocity and acceleration" up to 200Hz max.

Recordable data

· ROLL,PITCH,YAW: angle around roll, pitch, yaw (Clockwise= positive polarity)
· GX,GY,GZ: angular velocity around X,Y,Z axis (Clockwise=positive polarity)
· AX,AY,AZ: acceleration toward X,Y,Z axis (Progress to the direction of the arrow=positive polarity)

Detail information of Pocket-IMU2

Range / Measurement accuracy
Posture angle Detection range Roll (left & right tilt) ±180°
Pitch (forward/backward tilt) ±90 °
Yaw (left & right twist) ±180°
Accuracy 0.5°
Angular velocity Detection range GX,GY,GZ ±300°/sec.
Accuracy GX,GY,GZ ±0.3°/sec.
Acceleration Detection range AX,AY,AZ ±2G or 6G
Accuracy AX,AY,AZ ±0.02G(in non-linearity)

Required operation environment
Item Requirement
CPU 2.0GHz or more
Memory 4GB or more
OS Windows XP / 7 / 8.1
Graphic card OpenGL1.2 or higher
VRAM 512MB or more
Connection Bluetooth
Available HDD space 300MB or more
Drive CD-ROM
Display size XGA (1024x768) or more
Others Mouse w/ wheel

Component (one sensor measuring)
Pocket-IMU2 receiver
(Bluetooth USB)
USB cable (for charging)
Dedicated software
(Measuring, 3D Skeleton animation software)