There is a great future potential emerging in Japan's IT market for Asian life science (medical health care) and entertainment businesses originated here in Japan.
At gsport,inc. we are aggressively developing our business in these new markets together with our customers.


Planning and development of IT projects and services contributing to life science and entertainment

Main business

  1. Development and sales of computer systems in the medical and health related fields
  2. Development and sales of electronic educational materials related to the fields of medical and health sciences
  3. Development and sales of movement and posture measurement equipment for hospitals, clinics, gyms, and laboratories.
  4. Management of relaxation facilities

Main services

  1. Research software, movement measurement equipment ARMO
  2. Educational software on kinematics and functional anatomy, Kaitai Ensyo
  3. Easy posture analyzer "Yugamiru"
  4. Rehabilitation monitor PocketIMU2


  1. Seminar and Demonstration of Preventive Healthcare
    using Japanese/Singaporean IT Technology on the 26th July 2018 in St. John’s Home for Elderly persons.