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The impression that we can handle the product easily was strong.

横浜市体育協会Q When did you get interested in “Yugamiru”?

A There is a big concern by the citizens about posture, and there are various projects carried out by Yokohama City, etc., which have interested us.
At that time, at our sports center, we used giant motion analysis system called “motion capture system” to perform gait analysis, attitude check, etc. Therefore, we got interested in “Yugamiru”.

Q What was your first impression of “Yugamiru”?

A When we used the product, we had the impression that “this is easy to use” and that it could be used by anyone.

We had the problem of “objectivity” and “mobility”.

Q Did you have any problems or issues before introducing “Yugamiru”?

In order to operate as a customer service, not as a research system, we had to create a system that anyone could easily operate.
However, since our last system could only be measured at our facility (it is a large system), it had the problem to make something superior in “objectivity” and “mobility”.
I feel that the system “Yugamiru” would solve these issues.

The point that we can measure many people in a short time was an important.

横浜市体育協会ベルトQ Why did you decide to introduce “Yugamiru” as a solution to your problems or issues?

Mobility was the main point, then easy to use with a simple system, and can accumulate a database.

Did you compare it with other products and services?

Yes, we have compared. With the problem of complexity, if you increase the number of detailed analysis and measurement items, you can obtain a lot of information, but since it is not used by experts such as sports science or researchers, the report explanation can be challenging.
It also was important to be able to measure many people in a short time.

The employees had an impression that this is easy to use and that introduction has been done very smoothly.

Q How are you currently using “Yugamiru”?

We conduct regular posture measurement meetings 4 times a year at our facility and sports centers.We hold an event of about 2 hours once and we were doing posture improvement classes.
It is necessary to educate the staff to explain the measurement results using “Yugamiru” when hosting event in the area and meeting etc, the skill-up training can be carried out easily and widely with “Yugamiru” .

Q Is there anything you felt with using “Yugamiru”?

I think operability is very good. The merit of it is that the staff also has an impression “easy to use”, so I feel that it was a very smooths introduction in our facility.

Clear advice can be given to customers, and attention to posture has also increased.

横浜市体育協会運動Q Has the environment changed with the introduction of “Yugamiru”?

We issue a catch phrase, “We make a beautiful posture by training.”
We are often hearing “Despite the desire to improve my posture, I do not know what and why I should improve.”
As a service, it is a big change to present advice such as “the arrangement of skeletons changes according to the state of muscles and posture are made through clear body position”.
Also, our town officials are also extremely grateful for the increase in awareness about the importance of body posture, chronic diseases of the joints, relationships with health through training.
I feel that it has become a good trend.

Do you want to continue using “Yugamiru” in the future?

Yes. I am planning to expand it further to other facilities.
In our case, we value customers thoroughly on objective data based on exercise instruction.
There is a great demand for developing a system that is very portable.

Yokohama Sports Association
“Realizing a bright and rich society where you can enjoy sports forever” Physical education of Yokohama citizens.
I will contribute to the development of healthy mind and body of Yokohama citizens and the formation of a bright and rich civic life.
“Posture measurement” is carried out regularly at each sports center in Yokohama City.
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About the author:

Atsushi Kuroda Gsport CEO

After studying medical image processing at the University of Tokyo, science master degree course, he joined Goldman and Sachs, then engaged in IT and research. After founding Gsport in 2000, He is involved in many R&D and commercialization of posture and exercise measurement evaluation technology.

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