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With the advice of the Elderly Health Laboratory of Waseda University, we offer a menu that combines the basic parts of motor function.

Waseda eLife Hino HanoQ Please tell me the characteristics and points of the service.

A This elderly day service has become a facility specialized in exercises, and we are proposing 2 hours training menu which have been created by Waseda University’s sports science department and Tama Osteopathic Academy.
Our features are rehabilitation equipment or hydraulic type machine, therefore it is important to know the status of the patient such as posture distortion, muscle strength, balance, etc.

Q Why are you teaming up with Waseda University?

A Waseda University is strong in sports and medical science.
From that point on, we are cooperating with the idea of long-term care prevention from the viewpoint of sports.

Q How do you feel in an elderly day service as an osteopath?

A Osteopath originally diagnoses fractures, sprains, dislocation, bruises, and trauma, but I feel that the role of osteopath has changed with the times as it has become a super aging society .
Up to now, an osteopath was restrain in doing a bone clinic, but from now on I think that it is now time to make use of knowledge and technology to contribute to the community and help in nursing care for the elderly.

I thought that explaining objectively can lead to the patient motivation.

Waseda eLife Hino HanoQ Why did you consider introducing “Yugamiru”?

A I went to various elderly day services and had been training, but there were no objective indicators seen by users, families, care managers. I did not have the means to continue training and evaluate how the body changed, but being able to explain it objectively by using photos etc. was a great feature. Therefore, i thought it would be useful to motivate the patient.

Q Has anything changed with the introduction of “Yugamiru”?

A I think that it is time for everyone to think that “three months” is just a matter of grinding and “What are you doing?”By saying “I will do such a test”, “I will do such inspection and measurement” at that time, you will find the next goal, be aware of it and train. Even if you train in a casual way, I think “Yugamiru” is very useful.

Q Why do you think this is important to “see the posture”?

A I think that the posture is basically “a balance between front and rear and left and right, that the axis seen in three dimensions comes in the center”. However, since humans being isn’t an immobile being, it becomes necessary to be able to shoot dynamic analysis. I think that what is necessary for medical care in the future is improving pain in the movement. For example, since motion is always accompanied by pain, such as “It hurts when walking”, “It hurts when you bend your knees and sitting”, the pain will always occur with motion, so as a remedy, we have to treat the root of how it hurts. From such a point I feel that “Yugamiru” is useful.

You can offer a new service and differentiate from your competitors.

Waseda eLife Hino HanoQ Is there anything you felt using “Yugamiru”?

A We can see clearly with this kind of visual where the distortion in the posture comes from. I think that the strength of the muscle becomes clear. In fact we are giving the report to the patient, family, care manager as a material, and being able to talk directly to the care manager “I am sending out results” is also one of the strengths.

Q How was the response from the care manager?

A It’s pretty nice.
There are many facilities specialized in motion training but there are not many choices when considering differentiation.
However, by using “Yugamiru”, we can give measurements and diagnosis results as materials, actively support training and improvementsof the patient. We aim to support a lot of people, I think that I have been able to go a step further with “Yugamiru”.

Mr. Shinsuke Kyuhara, Synapse Co., Ltd.

Q Do you want to continue using “Yugamiru” in the future?

A The current preventive care specialized in elderly day service, therefore we would like to continue using the method “Yugamiru” and also from the point that competitiveness is increasing .
I think that it is effective to increase customer’s motivation by digitizing and evaluating the posture, and I hope to expect improvements as customers change.

Waseda E Life Hino
The facility “Waseda E Life Hino”, which was opened on August 1, 2012, is a nursing care prevention facility that practiced scientifically-based long-term care prevenion program developed and researched by the Eldar Health Institute of Waseda University.
It is a new type of day service.
Tokyo, Hino City, Tokyo 2-10-27, Honhoron 1 st Floor
TEL: 042-843-2699
FAX: 042-585-6599
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/elifehino/


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After studying medical image processing at the University of Tokyo, science master degree course, he joined Goldman and Sachs, then engaged in IT and research. After founding Gsport in 2000, He is involved in many R&D and commercialization of posture and exercise measurement evaluation technology.

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