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I wanted a posture evaluation that can easily understand “height” and “twist” in the same way every time.

いとひや整骨院Q What are the interesting point in “Yugamiru” in your opinion?

A I needed a method which was easy to reproduce and with accountability.
I also thought that there was a contradiction in explaining treatment based on data measured without considering accuracy.
In other words, when measuring with precision, time for rehabilitation will be shorten, so I wanted a posture assessment that makes it easier to shoot and understand “height” and “twist” in the same way every time.

Q What was your first impression of “Yugamiru” ?

A I was looking for a patient-oriented software instead of a treatment-oriented software, but when looking at the point of “how to convince patients when they saw the report”, “Yugamiru” was very easy to understand. The patient does not demand such fine details, too specialized report, therefore I thought “Yugamiru” had a good balance.
In brief, I checked whether there was any information saying “This is the way, it is like this”.
Also, since I am working in this clinic alone, I do not have a lot of manpower, manpower is overwhelmingly short.
How easy and quick it is, and reproducibility was important, so I thought “This is nice”.

“I want to make a comprehensive treatment system that does not yet exist”.

Q Did you have any problems or issues before introducing “Yugamiru” ?

A I am an Osteopathe and a Physical Therapist at the same time.
There is a pride as that, and my goal is to rehabilitate the patients with insurance treatment, so in that sense, including the meaning of differentiation from other osteopathic clinics.
Since it was necessary to carry out posture evaluation, “Yugamiru” was indispensable.
We also introduced “Dartfish” as a tool for dynamic evaluation, but I wanted to differentiate it based on posture evaluation and dynamic evaluation based on a treatment plan.

Q What kind of treatment do you consider as a Therapist?

A Since I became a physical therapist with considerable twists and turns, I think there was time to think about how I live.
Since there was a time when I could not get a job, I decided to use my life for others.
In my own clinic, I feel that I could do more.
I want to make a treatment system that does not exist, a new system that has not been created yet.
I set the ideal of creating a system called “Eyes” that integrates everything, and I am still building it.

It was unthinkable not to introduce it as it leaves a record and help me when hesitating for treatment.

Hirohito Itohiya clinicQ What was the point from which I decided to introduce “Yugamiru”?

A The cost was one big point as we thought that we wanted to lower the cost of equipment as much as possible. Also, the product create easily posture evaluation report with clear results.

Q Did you compare it with other products and services?

A I went as a customer to a clinic using other products and confirmed that “They are doing it like that”, but they were not emphasizing analysis of computers, they were more like “to analyze with the eyes of physiotherapists”, so I chose “Yugamiru” which present clear data and the
report is easy to understand.

Q How are you using “Yugamiru”?

A “Yugamiru” is always used by the person on his first visit. I listen to the customer pain history, evaluate posture and leave images, and it takes 90 minutes at the first visit. Just because I am taking the time to listen to the patient, I will tell the patient the result of the analysis the next time he comes.

Q Has there been a change in managerial aspect due to the introduction of “Yugamiru”?

A There was no need make the customer pay for using “Yugamiru”.
Because based a treatment the data, we could not think about not introducing “Yugamiru”.

In the future, we must also do posture evaluation for those who did not get better.

Hirohito Itohiya clinicQ Are you satisfied with using “Yugamiru”?

A I am satisfied, and the patient are getting better.
For example, if the patient wife comes, “I have seen my husband” or a family member, you are receiving good feedback “This is good”.

Q Please tell me the good points of “Yugamiru” and the points to be improved.

A Goodness of “Yugamiru” is simple, data processing is fast, and this is easy for the patient to understand.
The improvement point is that if there is a mode which can compare the data one month ago with the current data, I can compare side by side
“Compare last time with this time” and think that it would be great if such a function was provided. I am using “Yugamiru” to explain why there is a need to treat you.
It may be that we will have to do more posture assessment for those who have not improved well in the future.

Q Do you want to continue using “Yugamiru” in the future?

A I definitely want to continue.


Otari and Osamu Osamuin
It is the ideal osteopathic clinic that “treat patients as thinking that they are their parents, brothers, lovers, friends”.
I try to humbly and seriously pursue what I should do and I believe that we can deepen our strong bonds with each patient.
Chiba prefecture Chiba-shi, Midori-ku, Ayumi Nanami 6-15-6
TEL: 043-309-6288
Clinical time: 9: 00-12: 00/13: 00-21: 00
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After studying medical image processing at the University of Tokyo, science master degree course, he joined Goldman and Sachs, then engaged in IT and research. After founding Gsport in 2000, He is involved in many R&D and commercialization of posture and exercise measurement evaluation technology.

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