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Without objectivity and persuasive power, it was difficult.

Jiyugaoka Conditioning CenterQ What was your first impression of “Yugamiru”?

A As a first impression I thought that was amazing. The evaluation of the posture is naturally done, the evaluation report on muscle condition comes out together. We can easily understand with the picture where the muscle is tense and loose. I thought that this image was really nice. It was also a good thing that the report comes out quickly.

Q Did you have any problems or issues before introducing “Yugamiru”?

A Just saying to the patient that “your posture is bad” has no objectivity and this is not persuasive.
I thought that the report of “Yugamiru” is very good in terms of persuasiveness with the patient.

“From insurance treatment to free medical treatment” is one big theme.

Q Did you expected these results after introducing “Yugamiru”?

A “From the medical insurance treatment to the free medical treatment” comes to be one big theme when you are a clinic, I thought that transition from insurance treatment to free medical treatment was likely to be very smooth.
However, it is not the end after evaluating the attitude by posting a report, the comment power beyond that becomes important.

Q What kind of tool is likely to be a trigger to free medical examination?

A There is no doubt that “Yugamiru” can insert itself in the flow of free medical examination and become the trigger to it.

It is easy to cross-sell for various treatments and it tends to become the entrance of free medical treatment.

Jiyugaoka Conditioning CenterQ What is the reason why you decided to introduce “Yugamiru” as a solution for your troubles?

A It was because we needed to propose new clinical treatment on the theme of prevention.
“Yugamiru” is not only “static analysis” but also “dynamic analysis”, so you can tell standing, sitting, walking, etc. in a nice way. Introducing cross-sell for various treatments was a big factor.

Q What has changed since the introduction of “Yugamiru”?

A It easily to became the entrance to free medical examination.
Depending on the cross-selling proposal from the beginning, it will spread in various directions. “How to distinguish” is one tool as to how to enter in the sales process.

Q What exactly is cross-selling?

A If you do a so-called stylized correspondence that cures your posture, some people say “please do a massage”, “Please help me” or “I have some symptoms and I went to the hospital but they could not find anything, I got only medicine, but how can you help me?
Because these situations comes up really often, we have to explain to the customer in a new way.
As we explain to the customers, we can cross-sell to “We have this kind of treatment”.

Q Did you have any effect or environmental change after introduction?

A I think it is a good attraction tool, because it is simple, quick and easy to use. Then, it will captivate the customer depending on comment power.
Perhaps the biggest challenge for the future of “Yugamiru” might be follow-up, for the person who purchased it.
I think an after-sales service called “how to connect next” will become very important.

It took 14 months (1 year and 2 months) to get back my investment in “Yugamiru”.

Jiyugaoka Conditioning CenterQ Have you felt a problem with the introduction of “Yugamiru”?

A It is a difficult point to recover your investment.
Although it can be recovered sufficiently with some time, I think that there are many people who think “that’s true”.

Q How long did it take to recover the investment?

A In our clinic it took 14 months (1 year and 2 months) to recover our investment.
In fact, we are cross-selling from “Yugamiru”, so we have been able to recover more quickly, but we suggest that you introduce cross-sell methods in seminars etc.

Q Do you still want to continue using “Yugamiru“?

A Yes, I will continue to use it.
Afterwards, I am glad when I give some advices, the posture evaluation can support me.
For example, showing to the customer with a tablet such as iPad

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After studying medical image processing at the University of Tokyo, science master degree course, he joined Goldman and Sachs, then engaged in IT and research. After founding Gsport in 2000, He is involved in many R&D and commercialization of posture and exercise measurement evaluation technology.

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