• Jul. 2000

    Established to R&D the rehabilitation technology by use of biomechanics and motion analysis technology.

  • Oct. 2002

    Reorganized as G-Sport Corporation and relocated the head office from Sumida-ku to Taito-ku.

  • Dec. 2002

    Personal motion capture system product, KROPS released.

  • Jul. 2003

    Development of a tele-rehabilitation system using digital human models" was selected by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) for its "Small and Medium IT Venture Support Project".

  • Dec. 2003

    The new muscle activation simulation and visualization technology, 3D Muscle Simulator ARMO released.

  • Dec. 2003

    ARMO, a muscle simulator tele-rehabilitation system, commended by the Chairman of the Information Technology Month Promotion Conference (sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

  • Aug. 2004

    The University of Tokyo's Professor Chinosuke Fukashiro supervised the release of a DVD on children's movement improvement education.

  • Sep. 2005

    Simple posture measurement system "Yugamiru" released under the supervision of Professor Fukui of Bunkyo Gakuin University.

  • Jan. 2006

    ARMO Gait Moment Visual Release with visual display of joint moments.

  • Apr. 2006

    3DCG functional anatomy educational software "Kaitai Enshou" released.

  • Jul. 2006

    Moved the head office to the current location in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, positioning "Healthcare IT" as a core business field.

  • Nov. 2008

    "Microsoft Innovation Award 2008" Grand Prize Winner.

  • Apr. 2011

    Release of Pocket IMU2, a compact and simple posture measurement sensor.

  • Jul. 2014

    Head office relocated from Taito-ku to Bunkyo-ku.

  • Jun. 2017

    Selected for JETRO's ASEAN-Japan New Industry Creation Demonstration Project.

  • Nov. 2020

    Head office relocated from Bunkyo-ku to Chiyoda-ku.

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