About Us

Company name gsport,inc.
Address #95 Kisuke-ochanomizu bldg. 2-2-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021
Phone +81-3-5615-8268
FAX +81-3-5615-8269
Establishment July, 2000
Paid-in capital 40 million JPY
Representative Atsushi Kuroda
Business Description Build a relationship of trust between patients and healthcare companies, organization.
- Posture and physical assessment solution(Yugamiru Cloud)
- Motion capture and analyze of the human body and movement(3D Muscle Simulator ARMO)
- Proposal and consulting for the physical body assessment methodology and technology
Main customers Municipals, Clinics, Sports Club, Hospitals, Universities, and research institutes, etc.

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