About Us

Company name gsport,inc.
Address #95 Kisuke-ochanomizu bldg. 2-2-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021
Phone 03-5615-8268
FAX +81-3-5615-8268
Establishment July, 2000
Paid-in capital JPN ¥37.54 million
Representative Atsushi Kuroda
Business Description Posture and physical assessment solution(Yugamiru Cloud)
Motion capture and analyze of the human body and movement(3D Muscle Simulator ARMO)
Proposal and consulting for the physical body assessment methodology and technology
Main customers Asahi Kasei Corp, Fujikura Ltd, Haseko Corporation, Xenoma, Tipness, Sports Club NAS, Hospitals, universities, and research institutes, etc.

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