Tokyo / India Development Team

Tokyo R&D Team

The strength of gsport R&D team is in Biomechanics, visualization and AI for Healthcare Tech. R&D and sales & marketing teams are in Tokyo and taking on the challenge of creating new value in the healthcare field by researching and developing new technologies and products for the next generation of society.

Bangalore, India Development and Operations Team

In 2016, we started a development team in Bangalore, India as a development and operation base.
We are working closely with local partner companies for development and service operation.
We have also formed a project team specializing in overseas sales, and are preparing a system to provide products and services in Thailand and China.
By creating a variety of environments and connections in research and development, we aim to become a global "research and development solutions company.
We will contribute to a society that enriches people's lives regardless of race, gender, or age, as a "hub company" that creates new added value by connecting G-Sport's "advanced technology" with global "people".

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